Thursday, July 28, 2011

How very Pinteresting...

Hi, my name is Shana and I'm addicted to Pinterest. Until about 2 weeks ago I didn't even know it existed, but somebody mentioned it in one of my Etsy groups and I signed up and now I'm hooked! I've always been a little bookmark-happy (read: Bookmark Hoarder), saving so many links that I'd never go back to. Safari always has all 8 windows open on my phone because I can't bear to part with any of them lest I forget about them. But now there's Pinterest! It's so lovely and visual! I can pin things with a picture so when I look at my pins, I remember why I wanted to save that link in the first place. It's like a virtual scrapbook! Even better? There's an iPhone app. I spend entirely too much time re-pinning all sorts of craft ideas or projects I'd like to do with Evelyn when she's older or gorgeous kitchens I'll never have but lust after anyway...and it's glorious.

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