Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday Crafts, Continued!

Ever wonder if paper lunch sacks will feed through a printer? Turns out they will! I wanted to do bags of peanuts for Evie's party next weekend and knew I wanted to use paper lunch sacks, but wasn't sure how to decorate them. At first I was going to stamp them, but didn't relish the thought of stamping individual letters on 20 bags. Then I thought about using some labels we have here at home and designing something for them, but slapping white labels on these brown paper bags just seemed tacky. As I was sitting there holding a bag, thinking, it occurred to me to cut out the middle man and print right on them! A couple  minutes in Photoshop and I was in business! They've got some flaws where they didn't feed through quite evenly, but it just adds to the vintage theme, right? ;)

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