Monday, August 8, 2011

When life gives you lemons, make ice cubes!

In keeping with the pink/yellow color scheme, I'm going to have regular lemonade and raspberry lemonade at Evie's party. I found a great idea via Pinterest of making ice cubes with lemons and limes frozen in them. I decided to do just lemons and to use some raspberry lemonade instead of water so they wouldn't water down my lemonade as they melt. Of course you could use whatever fruit and liquid combo that sounds yummy to you. Here's how!

I think the hardest part of this whole thing is making space in the freezer to freeze these guys! You'll be using a muffin tin, so I would suggest clearing a nice level space in your freezer and making sure the tray fits before you get to filling it. Also make sure there's room for your fingers on either side when you're lowering it in (I figured that one out the hard way). Luckily, our fridge has a freezer with two drawers, so I was able to rearrange and clear out the top drawer - perfect! :)

First, slice your lemons nice and thin. You want them to be pliable enough that you can push them down into the muffin tin a bit. Tip: save the leftover lemon bits in a baggie in the fridge and toss them into the garbage disposal once in a while to freshen it up! Take your sliced lemons and put them in the tray like so:

Next, pour your water or other liquid (iced tea, lemonade, etc) over the lemons. I used raspberry lemonade and put it in a measuring cup for easy pouring. It took me about three cups to fill all the spots:

Fill them pretty close to the top, and don't worry if your lemons float a bit. Now it's time to carefully transfer the muffin tin to the freezer and let it freeze overnight:

Fresh out of the freezer, nice and frosty!:

If you're using these right away, remove by putting something on top of the tray (I used a plastic cutting board), then flipping them over. It may take a couple minutes for the tray to warm enough for the ice cubes to slide out. Once they do, you'll have sweet little puck-shaped ices like this:

Don't they look pretty?

If you're like me wanted to make your adorable lemon cubes early but can't have a muffin tin taking up a whole freezer drawer for several days, you'll want to put them back in the freezer once they've been removed from the tray. Put the liberated ice cubes in a freezer bag (try to keep them in a single layer so they don't freeze back into one big clump), and store until you need them!

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