Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evelyn's First Birthday

Evie's first birthday was a couple weeks ago, and all the crafty preparation was worth it, because it turned out great!

Strawberry and yellow cake cupcakes, frosted with buttercream and sprinkled with colored sugar - yum! That's Evie's special cupcake in the middle ;)

The whole setup, minus the lemonade, which I didn't put out til the last minute so it'd be nice and cold!

Evie's cake with the sweet little bunting I made for it:

A tray of "popcorn" cupcakes - they turned out so cute! Sure, I had to cut and arrange 300(!) mini marshmallows, but at least I have pictures to show Evie when she's old enough to appreciate it ;)

The peanut treat bags turned out great too, and were a nice take-home snack for the guests:

Nothing goes better with a circus theme than iced animal crackers! And how nice of the people who make animal crackers to ice them in colors that worked with my theme ;)

Lemon drops! Because they matched and are delicious. Also, I wanted something people could scoop with the adorable little metal scoops I found at GFS.

The lemonade has arrived to join the party! Plain and raspberry, yum!

The lemon slice ice cubes I made a few days beforehand looked really cool floating in the lemonade (and served a purpose in keeping it nice and chilly while not watering it down):

Most importantly, the Birthday Girl had fun, even though she was on a nap strike that whole day :)

That cupcake sure was yummy!!

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